About Us

It's great to meet you!

Smart Cookie Barkery was created for dog lovers, by dog lovers. Maybe you've seen our furry friends on the front page! We wanted our dogs to have tasty, quality treats without the unnecessary preservatives and fillers. When we couldn't find any that satisfied our and our dogs' needs, we decided to make our own. Just like that, Smart Cookie Barkery was born. We strive to create healthier, delicious treats for the right price that both you and your dog will love. Our all-natural recipes are curated with our (and your!) dogs' well-being in mind. What do we mean by "all natural?" Firstly, no added preservatives—ever. All of our treats are made fresh to order, and many can be frozen. Next, we strive to keep sodium content as low as possible, by never adding salt. Lastly, we never use artificial colors or sweetener. No sugar is ever added; instead, our sweet treats get their flavor from natural sugars found in fruit and clover honey.

We hope your dogs like our treats as much as we do!


Founder, Baker, Dog Lover


We want the best for our dogs, and for yours too! Smart Cookie Barkery strives to create healthy alternatives to store-bought treats manufactured by big brands. A complete list of ingredients is available for each product. Substitutions can be made in most recipes for common allergens upon request. If you have concerns about your pup consuming any of our products due to their age or a medical condition, please consult your veterinarian with the list of ingredients before purchasing. Sometimes the best option is to say "no!" As with any dog treat, supervise while eating and have fresh water available. Stop consumption immediately if your pet exhibits symptoms of stomach upset.